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Like the protagonist in one of my novels, I am a recovering lawyer.

In addition to my law degree, I hold an MFA in creative writing. I’m an active member of the Canada West chapter of Sisters in Crime, a collegial group of writers of mostly crime fiction, and Crime Writers of Canada.

For the most part, I write fiction (mysteries, both dark and light). Occasionally I’ll write a personal essay or review.

I live on the west coast of British Columbia, but was born and raised in Alberta and miss its wide blue skies terribly. If I had my way, I’d reshape geography and move the Alberta foothills and cattle country closer to my home.

The images on my landing page and in the headers are from various points along the famous Cowboy Trail in southwestern Alberta, and they say “home” to me.

I dream of the day people can stay fit without expending energy. While I wait for that to come about, I swim (swallowing more pool water than I displace), and try to kayak in a straight line. Skiing was relegated to the “never again” category of recreation, after an unfortunate episode where I found myself face down on the slope, skies tangled, and listening to my husband’s cajoling to “just point them downhill.” I’ll admit to harbouring thoughts of divorce at that moment.

I’m fascinated by the many absurdities of life, addicted to chocolate and caramel, crime fiction and mysteries, sunshine, white sand, weathered barns, foothills ranches and crisp fall air.

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