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The End Game is the first title in the Gabe Gabrieli mystery series.

Some promises are killers to keep.

Private investigator D.S. Gabrieli can name a hundred places he’d rather visit than Cheakamus, British Columbia. But a promise is a promise. The trip should be a cameo: check in, attend a christening, check out. Two days max. What could go wrong in two days?

When a burned body is discovered at a sabotaged mine site near the small town, and police finger his kid brother as their prime suspect, Gabe realizes he’s not getting out of Cheakamus quickly, or easily. His battle to save his recalcitrant brother’s neck pits Gabe against deceptive locals, a mountain’s secrets, and a cunning killer who ultimately threatens to destroy all Gabe cares about, and pushes him to his breaking point.

What can go wrong in two days? Everything.


What Readers are Saying:


“The End Game is funny, suspenseful and completely absorbing. Gabe is a wonderful character—a little flawed, yes, but with great qualities, especially his sense of humour—as are all the folks in Cheakamus. Heck, even the diner is an interesting character.”  M.D.

Come for the page-turning suspense, but stay for the charming townsfolk of Cheakamus. In the midst of a gripping mystery are quirky, lovable, layered characters who made me want to drive into their small Canadian town and stay. As “Gabe” Gabrieli would say, I’ll file this under “Recommended, highly”!” S.K.

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