Persimmon Worthing Mysteries

Persimmon Branch Worthing is a woman of a certain age, owner of Branch Bulbs, and lifelong resident of Blossom City. She knows almost everything about her fellow townspeople which, as one would guess, comes in handy whenever she sticks her nose into the many crimes that seem to occur in her town. 

Welcome to Blossom City, a cozy little town in British Columbia, where something untoward tends to occur at every event or gathering. Fortunately for Sergeant Courgette, who has lived in Blossom City for a mere decade and thus knows next to nothing about the town, Persimmon Branch Worthing is a lifelong resident (if you ignore those never-to-be-spoken-about years at finishing school and university) and has a vast knowledge of the peccadillos of most of the townspeople. Call her Courgette’s colour commentator. Call her Courgette’s valued inside woman. But never call her a sidekick.

 This collection of seven short cozy mysteries includes four dastardly murders, a series of attempted homicide, a plum pudding gone AWOL, and attempted duck-icide.

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