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The Breaking News Mysteries are set in the fictional town of Prospect, California, about an hour west of Reno and ten minutes from Donner Lake. Olivia Mercier is an investigative reporter for the Prospect Gazette and currently estranged from her husband, Dom Bertucci, Captain of Homicide for the Prospect Police Department. Olivia subscribes to Calamity Jane’s mantra “if you want to be a legend, go out and be one.”

If you have a jackhammer and don’t care about preserving evidence, you can remove a body from a concrete cylinder in about an hour.

If you’re a CSI type or Michelangelo, it will take two and one-half days.

After the body is identified, as Olivia Mercier discovers, it takes an instant for your life to plummet from a Hallmark movie on downers to an Agatha Christie film scripted by Tarantino.

In Breaking News: Local Heiress Dead Olivia races the clock to find a killer before the police come knocking. Her investigation uncovers long-buried secrets that put Olivia at the top of the killer’s hit list.

Releases March 21, 2024

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