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Friday’s itty bitties — #2

by Nov 25, 2011Itty Bitties2 comments

It’s Friday. You have page fright.

You’re staring at the blank computer screen. The cursor is blinking, blinking, blinking. It’s ticking, ticking, ticking you off.

Of course, your dilemma is – suppose you put words on that screen and they take you down the wrong track?

Been there. Many, many times. Until I came across this observation, by Will Rogers:

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

So type. Just start. Even if you simply type “I’m just typing because I don’t want to get run over.” Just start and then keep going.

I bet your muse finds you, no matter which track you’re on.


  1. tmemann

    Thank you for this reminder, Char! I really needed it today. Sometimes the wheels feel square on the track but it is true once you getting rolling at least it is forward motion. Here we go!

  2. Charlotte Morganti

    The edges on those square wheels will smooth out, become round, once you put the first few thoughts onto the screen or paper. Happy writing kiddo!

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