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Friday’s Itty Bitties — #13

by Mar 21, 2012Itty Bitties5 comments

What’s the big deal about rearranging your work space?

I’ll tell you next Monday and put some context around my six-week absence. Six weeks — felt like six days. Also felt like six months.

This week-end I’m packing my computer and printer and heading to the Break Out Novel Intensive week in Oregon! A week to work on my manuscript.


Enjoy your week-end, all. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you next week.


  1. Richard Olsen

    Thank god you are back! I was missing the postings big time!

  2. iriswriter

    Richard said it well – glad for the return of your writing wit and wisdom. Now go burn up some ink at the writing intensive!

  3. Charlotte Morganti

    Hah! That Richard guy is my brother — he’s biased! So thanks for the encouragement, Iris.

  4. Charlotte Morganti

    Hi Dick – Perhaps the next month’s posts will give you a bit of relief from tax time…

  5. Robin Spano

    Yeah you needed a break but I’m glad you’re back too.

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