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Friday’s Itty Bitties — #11

by Feb 3, 2012Itty Bitties4 comments

I’m reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King. A phrase a third of the way in to the book prompted this post:

“…the scholar’s greatest weakness: calling hesitation research.”

Change “hesitation” to “procrastination” and he could have been speaking about writers. When it comes to procrastination, no one has more names for it than I do.

Research is one.

I also call it: catching up on re-runs of The Rockford Files; sorting out my closet; washing windows; swimming lessons; it’s too rainy; the sun’s out; I’ve lost my notes; my office needs organizing; and I overslept.

You get my drift. I call it many things, all designed to convince myself that if I could just complete those pressing tasks or do away with the distractions or hindrances, I could get down to writing.

There’s hope when you can at least recognize your little tricks for what they are. Now that I’ve named my procrastination techniques out loud, I hope they have lost some of their power over me.

Have a good week-end, all. And if a word in your week-end begins with the letter “p”, may it be productive.


  1. Iris Graville

    Another itty bitty food for thought, Charlotte – thanks!

    If imitation is the highest form of praise, you’ll be feeling proud about a new category on my blog – Afterthoughts. Your Itty Bitties remind me of a practice in some Quaker meetings of a time for “Afterthoughts.” After silent worship ends, some groups continue in silence for a few more minutes during which members are invited to share thoughts or reflect on the morning’s worship. Those words often stir me as I begin the week, just as your Itty Bitties motivate me as I head into the weekend..

    On my blog, (, I’ll use this hybrid drawn from my writing and Quaker communities as a form for brief reflections on headlines, quotes, comments overheard, maybe even bumper stickers.

    I posted the first one last week, inspired by your Itty Bities (although Afterthought doesn’t begin with “p,” your fine blog helps me be productive). Thanks again.

  2. Charlotte Morganti

    Hi Iris! I’ve read your blog (in fact it’s one of the blogs linked on mine) and spotted your Afterthoughts post last week – I was inspired by it and hope you make it a weekly post. Itty Bitties started out as an end-of-the-week “whatever” type of category, but lately has been a collection of prompts or observations (sort of a do as I say, not as I do type of encouragement!). I hope things are going well with your writing.

  3. skedian

    I was going to comment on this earlier, but I…procrastinated. I wish I was joking about that! I feel comforted that procrastination runs in the family. Now there’s a new excuse: I would do that, but procrastination is in my blood!

  4. Charlotte Morganti

    It is an honourable thing, to honour family traditions. We must ensure they endure.

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